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Test and Tagging Three Phase Appliances Part 2

Published on Jan 14, 2015
Part 1 Video – Earth Bond & Insulation Resistance: http://bit.ly/1y053T2
Part 2 Video – Earth Bond & Leakage test

In Part 2 of testing a 3 Phase Appliance, we’ll be showing you how to conduct an Earth Bond and Leakage test.

After conducting a visual inspection, we’ll use our Portable Appliance Tester and Leakage Current Meter to conduct the test. A leakage test is required if the appliance has electronic/magnetic switching (contactor blocks).

1) Plug the IEC lead into the side socket of the Leakage Meter
2) Insert the other end of the IEC lead into the front of the tester
3) Plug the earth return lead into the tester and attach it to an exposed metal part
4) Plug the 3 Phase appliance into the correct socket of the Leakage Meter

We’re now ready to perform an Earth Bond test, with the result needing to be below 1 Ω to pass.

Next we perform our Leakage test:

5) Unplug the PAT tester
6) Connect the mains supply lead of the 3 Phase Leakage Meter and plug it into the 3 Phase GPO
7) Turn the mains power ON and the 3 Phase appliance ON
8) Switch the Meter to the ON position

We can now perform a Leakage test – our Leakage current reading has to be less than 5mA to pass the test. Ensure you wait a few seconds for the number of the reading to level out.

When disconnecting the system, ensure you do it all in reverse by turning the Meter off first, followed by the appliance and mains power