Testing and tagging a computer

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Testing and tagging a computer

The computer workstation essentially comprises four parts:
2 leads, require a visual check with particular attention to plug and socket. If the socket has manufactures mark LS-15 I refer you to Product Safety Recalls Australia and search for LS-15
Computer, inspect the computer for loose parts and make sure all covers and shields are in place. Note to competent person the earth can be detected at the usb port.
Monitor once again make sure all covers are in place and the monitor is securely attached to bracket and stand. Note to Tag man an earth can be found around the VGA cable connection to computer.
PC’s are connected to the monitor via a VGA cable. As these cables are designed to shield themselves from electromagnetic interference, this shielding connects the earth of the

Electrical testing and tagging at Telco
Electrical testing and tagging at computer

desktop to earth of the monitor. As a result, testing a computer can be made easier because the ‘earth return’ lead does not have to be moved when testing the system.
When learning how to Test and Tag a computer, you’ll learn that there are essentially four items that need to be tested: the monitor, desktop PC and 2x IEC leads. Also, ensure the PC is shut down correctly before testing


Always employ a properly trained Tag man or woman at specified intervals for testing and tagging

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