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CordTech Cable Reels

Nexus Industries Ltd—CordTech Cable Reels

PRA number: 2015/14920
Date published: 24th September 2015

Product information

Product description

Cable Reels

Identifying features

All items not limited to a batch number

What are the defects?

When cable is fully extended, it is possible to push a finger through a hole from the socket assembly and touch a live part.

What are the hazards?

Risk of Electric Shock.

Dates available for sale


  • 15th May 2014 – 23rd September 2015


Where the product was sold

  • Nationally

Traders who sold this product

Bunnings, Mitre10, K&D Warehouse, Timberfix, Cleaners Supermarket, Industrial Trade Supplies, Wynyard Hardware, Zeehan Hardware


Nexus Industries Ltd

Supplier’s web site

What should consumers do?

DO NOT USE. Return to the place of purchase for a full refund.

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Daylight saving starts Ovens

Daylight saving starts 4 October 15

Time to reset the clock


How to fix a chipped windscreen

How to fix chipped windscreen

DIY Windshield Repair. This is a how to fix your chipped windshield. If you do not do this as soon as possible the chip can turn into a crack overnight! It is easy and costs $10… A repair place will charge about $50 to fix the chip and a windshield can cost you over $500 to replace. This short diy video will save you time, money, and frustration! Plus you learn something cool!

Here is where I got the window repair kit:…
Here is another chip repair video using a different repair kit:…
How to Super Clean a Windshield:…

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Electrical test and tag

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How to replace AC motor brushes

In this video we explore the internal of a circular saw by show you How to replace the existing utility electric extension cord by shortening its length to make a repair connect. How to dis-assemble a circular saw and solider wires for strong and tight connect.

How to replace AC motor brushes

Angle Grinder Servicing

Angle grinder servicing

It seems pretty simple – but if you’re a stone carver, and you’re not cleaning your angle grinder on a regular basis – you will find that it will pile up in a smokin’ heap. Here’s a quick way to keep your angle grinders runnin’ a little longer. Stone dust will eat the bearings out of them eventually, but this will keep them growling a little longe


If You Hear The Explosion The Danger Has Passed

Wacky Old 60’s Workplace Safety Video! Funny retro and very politically incorrect training!

“If You Hear The Explosion The Danger Has Passed”
This ‘out there’ safety training video was made in 1969. It’s good for a laugh (particularly for its lack of P.C.) but also gives an insight into workplace safety management, and workplace safety thinking at the beginning of the 70’s. Enjoy!

Funny Wacky 60’s Workplace Safety Video! Retro and very politically incorrect!

The Tale Of The Stuck Excavator.

The Tale Of The Stuck Excavator.


A 12 tons Hitachi ZX 110 excavator, is getting salvage by a, Liebherr LTM 1300 300 T/m mobile crane, from a bog.

Unloading a Herzog Cartopper

Unloading a Herzog Cartopper

Unloading a Cartopper from a Union Pacific work train at Port Barre Louisiana. Scary to watch, but it worked a treat.

Caterpillar 319D LN climbing onto a rail car to unload crushed rock in Kansas City

Caterpillar 319D LN climbing onto a rail car to unload crushed rock in Kansas City