Testing and tagging for Sydney and inland NSW

Test and tag winter appliances

Test and tag winter appliances

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Points to check before switching on winter warmers

  1. Electric Blankets, check leads for damage and kinks, Check control switch for damage and see that it works smoothly. Check the blanket itself for ware and tare and burn marks. Most manufactures recommend switching the blanket on for a period to dry out and check for hot spots before use. Discard if there is any sign of a problem. Electric blankets should not be repaired
  2. Radiators, make a visible checks of leads. switches and the unit itself. Discard if there are any sign of a problem.  Radiators should not be repaired
  3. All fans and portable air conditioners should be checked before placing in storage. Discard if there is any sign of damage.
  4. If you are not confident your appliances are up to scratch call test and tag winter appliances call 0423 257 302
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